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Tim Berners-LeeAs a contrast to a rather depressing AGI conference review of the failure of the UK GI industry to come up with a viable GI Strategy, in which Mike Blakemore compared efforts so far to Little Britain’s’ Vicky Pollard..

“No but, Yeh but, No but, like there is this spatial data – no shutup..”

I am looking forward to next weeks Terra future research event at the Ordnance Survey, at which Tim Berners-Lee is to provide his insight into the place geospatial data has in the web of the future.

There are still a few spaces left, so if you would like to attend email the conference office.

I’m sure a wider industry insight is vital, the UK GI industry needs to accept that the future development of geographic information will not be decided inside the confines of the current inward looking industry of today or for that matter any government generated strategy.

The use of GI is already pervasive… it has become so almost despite the attempts of the last 20 years of industry strategies, instead technological developments like the web developed by Berners-Lee have provided tools to connect users to geospatial data and is now allowing them to become data creators themselves – now that is really exciting !!!

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