Nice iPod Steve, but where is the content?

IPodSo the new iPod sports a 80Gb Hard disk, enough to store many hours of Hollywood Movies, TV shows, and of course your videos and music all purchased from the iTunes music store.. except if you happen to live outside North America.

The rest of the world is still waiting for Apple and the content owners to get together and work out how to license their content to geographies outside the USA, I don’t completely blame Apple for this – I know from personal experience the complexities of licensing content – and how slow traditional owners of content are at releasing the value in their vaults.

So the rest of the world will wait until next year for movie downloads, I don’t understand why Apple has not managed a deal with the BBC yet, I really can’t wait for the Monty Python Fish slapping dance.. but in the meantime, Mr Jobs.. I’m sorry no new iPod for me until I can get the content.

Can’t help but think there are lessons here for the GI industry…

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Quote : “use Vpod to transfer your files to an iPod.”

I’d have thought for the vast majority of iPod users this would be a step backwards..

Would it download their (free) subscribed video and audio podcasts automatically for them every day?
Would it let them do a one-click purchase Ricky Gervais’s latest podcast?
Would it turn Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon back in to it’s ‘seamless’ full glory?
Would it automatically propagate their iTunes library to other PCs or Macs?
Would it burn music to CD?
Would it convert AAC to MP3?
“Ah Vpod is free” – so iTunes
“But you’re locked it the iTune sMusic store” – not so, you can use your own MP3’s and CDs, any you can even use other podcast aggregators such ‘Juice’ etc.

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