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In the world of pin map mashups, it is hearting to see the avaibility of mapping api’s used in a more construcutive way that yet another real estate application. The Truth Laid Bear blog has produced a virtual earth mash-up which is tracking the latest middle east war and identifing the locations of blogs still operating despite the conflict.

Lets hope this a mashup will soon be no longer required, but things don’t look good on that front – shame on the UK and US governments for not supporting the UN call for an immediate ceasefire!

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

One reply on “Middle East mashup”

Yo Parsons –

Good spot. Maybe we just need to get Microsoft and Google to clean up some of the dangles and slithers in those dotted lines and polygons, and change their symbology, perhaps a solid line might work better? Indeed, shame on the UK government.

Keeping it spatial, I’m really surprised that reuters and the beeb don’t make more use of their investment in GIS for online coverage of this kind of news. I’m hoping the new online offering from the BBC (beep 2.0 – might have a stronger spatial component. Here is a groovy example of someone geo parsing reuters rss feed and overlaying on google maps…

Hope you liked the jumpers,


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