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Google offers commercially supported version of maps

Ok so what does this mean, Google are to offer a fully supported version of Google Maps for Enterprise use, with the promise to offer stable cartography – e.g no Golden Arches.

Mmm.. I need to think about this, along with a international address geocoding service are google now moving more into the “traditional” enterprise space held by mapquest, map-point and multi-map ? The service is for the US and Canada only at the moment, but the intention is to expand to other markets.

Written and submitted from the Conference room of the Where 2.0 at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, using the conferences free wifi network.

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Where 2.0 day #1…

It’s hard to wrap up a whole day at Where 2.0 since it was packed with interesting presentations.
My personal highlights of today were the panel discussion “Social Data Face-Off” and the presentation done by MetaCarta.
I think this wa…

Interesting to see that Yahoo seem to be going the other way making the commercial service free but limiting what you can do technically, with no realtime tracking or vehicle or fleet management.

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