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New tomtoms on the way – look out iPods!

New tomtom go

Expected to be announced at cebit next week a new generation of tomtom navigation systems will bring a larger screen, and the ability to play mp3 files downloaded via a pc application, which will also sync new mapping and points of interest databases. Think of iTunes for maps!!

So device convergence continues….

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What exactly do you mean by ‘E911 cellular technology’? The UK emergency services already have the ability to locate a mobile phone when a 999 call is made. I suspect they do this working from the mobile Cell-Id, in urban areas (with a high cell density) it’s remarkably accurate. On making an emergency call, often the first information relayed to you by the operator is your location.

Mobile phone network operators are starting to allow 3rd party developers to work with phone locations, but I don’t think any are particularly open about it. Nokia have put a lot of effort into a Location API for J2ME (JSR179) which may make it easier to work with a device’s location; however, we still require network operator cooperation. But device convergence is definitely an interesting space and if their is only one winner, I’ve no idea who it will be?

This week we have the – look out iPods!


Thanks, indeed that’s the type of question I was asking. I’d seen mention of the US E911 Phase II legislation requiring the ability to locate handsets to within 150 metres using only the existing cellular infrastructure. I just wondered if Europe was going the same route.

(Oh, and on the convergence front I see someone’s already registered !)

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