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Digital Mapping and Tracking finds Radio 4

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Before Christmas I took part in the recording of the BBC Radio 4 shoptalk radio show which was broadcast yesterday, the Real Audio archive is here. Drop me a comment if you would like an mp3 version…

I was very impressed by the quality of research carried out before hand, the excellent questions asked of myself and my fellow guests Steve Chilton, chair of the Society of Cartographers, Martin Capel Smith, of Navman, Alain de Taeye of TeleAtlas and Peter Cochrane who presented at the Terrafutre event and Ian Rycroft of Globalpoint Technologies – resulted in a very interesting programme.

Nathalie Vetter and Peter Cridland of the London Borough of Barnet, were a surprise to me as this segment was pre-recorded but it was great to hear from Peter again, as Barnet was one of the few UK local Government Customers to implement MapGuide in my Autodesk days, and it is still going strong !!

And Yes I did say I thought the paper map would survive !!

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Yes, it was quite well done and very well understood, I expect, by the listening public. It’s interesting to compare it to the U.S. National Public Radio show (On Point) that aired the same day, which focused more on the future and the integration of Web mapping with the real world.

I’m Nathalie the GIS project Officer from the London Borough of Barnet, with my funny french voice on the radio programme 🙂
Is it still possible to get an mp3 version of the programme ?
It’s not possible to have the whole pre-recording, is it? that would be great.
many thanks


Hi Nathalie,

Sorry yes had to move it to another server the link above should now work again, or you can click here. Hope MapGuide is still working well for you, have you looked at the new “open source” version yet ?


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