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ESRI UC day 2… The hidden wow factor

A techncial presentation

Had a couple of meetings today, then met up with some old Autodesk friends and wnet along to a few presentations yesterday.

I was taken aback by the amount of new stuff especially in ArcSDE and database support in 9.2. As i said yesterday I was surprised how little emphasis was given in the plenary to quite major changes in Geodatabases. The SQL interface and the use of an OGC simple features schema in Oracle is really big news, and today I saw demonstrated access to spatial data in a geodatabase from sql*plus.

More details also emerged of the file based geodatabase (which breaks the volume limit of the access based personal geodatabase allowing the storage of up to 2Tb. If that was not interesting enough the schema’s supported are the same as normal SDE including imagery..

So for me, beyond the eye-candy of the google earth like arcexploer, the hidden message of the conference this year is the rise of the geodatabase

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Glad to hear that everyone on that side of the pond is coping well. When I first read about the bombings this morning I was very sad to hear what had happened, but throughout the day listening to BBC/NPR I’ve heard a great many Londoners talk about the attack and their feeling seem be right in line with yours and has improved my spirits and hopefully those in London are feeling better by now. Please let us know how things are going there on your blog.

Nice quote. Sums it up pretty well. Whilst London did seem pretty sedate walking home from the centre of London today, it was obvious that people were remaining in strong spirits.

If I hadn’t have taken a day trip to OS today with UCL I wouldn’t have come within 10 minutes of two of the attacks and would have slept through all of it!

I watched the terrible action unfold from Sydney Australia from about nine o’clock last night. I am very sorry for all of the sensless destruction. Despite the stick and rivalry I know the Australian people feel a real affinity with the Brits and have a special sorrow in these sorts of circumstances. Just about every Aussie seems to know someone from the U.K. Some of us convicts can be a bit cynical at times but I’m sure there is much admiration for the “stiff upper lip” that has emerged prominent. I would like to think the Australian people share a similar resolve.
In the face of these inexcusable actions I spare a thought for the innocent victims in Afghanistan and Iraq who I am certain share an unfortunate affinity with your countrymen in being part of a nasty and deadly conflict.
Another very sad day for the world indeed.
best wishes
glenn luttrell

First I was sad, then I was angry; very, very angry. No, I’m not a Londoner, not even British but living half a world away in Malaysia. I can’t say here why I’m angry but keep your chin up guys, we’re with you all the way in this whole sorry and sordid mess that some brain-washed nincompoops seem to be imposing on us.

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