Telewest Thoughts

Beware the early adopter – don’t use a TVDrive yet…


After many years of happy service I replaced my trusty Tivo with a new Hard Disk PVR that my cable company Telewest have just introduced. The TVDrive has multiple tunners, HD TV support and a larger hark disk capacity – sounds great.

But I was one of the first to take the service, and yes you guessed it this is a major bug in the system software which means that it won’t record a series – a basic function of a PVR.

The frustration with consumer electronics for the geek is that you can’t get in and hack them to fix problems (something you could do with the tivo incidentally !!) – so my advice to any other potential telewest customers out there is to wait for us early adopters to find all the other bugs first !!

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.