LBS Mobile

Look no GPS !

This is just so cool, and having used it over the past few months around the world, it actually is improving with time as other users improve our cell database. Another great example of the power of cloud-sourcing and another shot in the arm for the prospects of LBS – as a platform not an […]

Android LBS Mobile opensource

Android and LBS – in the stack at last…

So maybe now Mr Balmer is reconsidering his comments of last week.. For me and my interest in geographic information the key detail about the Android SDK is the LBS component, and where is appears in the whole android stack. I have often argued that LBS would only really make sense as an underlining infrastructure […]

Android Mobile Thoughts

Just wait till next week, Steve…

Mr Jobs… No not that Steve… This one.. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer believes Android is ‘just a press release’, well just wait till the release of the SDK next week Steve, its way more than a press release – I know because I have seen it ! Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 […]

Mobile opensource Technology Thoughts

So where will you be at 6:02pm GMT this Friday

Me, I will be at the back of the line outside the Regent Street Applestore, in the line for my iPhone hopefully I will do a few lives blogs using my brilliant Three USB broadband modem – which is just great and has replaced by dependence on BT Openzone. This wireless internet thing seems to […]

GPS Mobile Nokia N95

The flashing blue dot comes to the N95

Some of the guys in the London office have been working on the Symbian native version of Google Maps for Mobile over the past months and yesterday like expectant parents launched their baby to the world, so finally you can make use of your GPS powered N95 with Google Maps !! This is a really […]