When your bag ends up at the other New York airport – Good Job @americanair

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]When your bag ends up at the other New York airport - Good Job @americanair

Ah the joys of delayed baggage, normally of course I don’t check a bag in, however my bag had to be checked to accommodate orders from the kids who are obsessed with Trader Joe’s…

But thanks to Apple’s AirTag we can follow the bag !

In hindsight I should have paid more attention to the check in staff, as too busy chatting to each other, they put the wrong baggage tag or my bag – swapping it with someone travelling to the other New York Airport LaGuardia.

So you would expect an easy solution, it’s an hour or so to get between the two airports, too late for me as I was flying back to the UK, but I thought the bag would catch me up in London..

Indeed the bag arrived at JFK later that evening…

I flew back overnight to London and expected to see the bag arrive at Heathrow on a later flight that day, but no… My back was sent to Tel Aviv !!

As of today Monday 6th February that’s where it still is, I can’t contact American Airlines because it is still less than 5 days since the bag got lost, only it’s not lost I know where it is !

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