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Penultimate Pastures

The London Loop Part 12: Coulsdon South to Ewell

And so we come to the penultimate section of the loop, a short eight miles on a Sunday afternoon leaving another roughly eight mile section to complete.

Starting back at Coulsdon South station the route climbs back up onto the North Downs through suburban 1930’s housing before crossing running alongside the first of many golf courses on this section at Woodcote Park.

The Suburbs !

The views from this reality high ground North towards the City of London are quite spectacular, and I have a soft spot of the downland pastures here.

City Views

I can imagine the Lavender Fields at Mayfield would be quite the site and smell in a couple of weeks time, but the cool April and early May mean the fields offer only a hint of whats to come.

Mayfield Lavender Fields

A long straight bridlepath runs just to the south of High Down Prison before the route turns north missing the town of Banstead and starting to head North for the reminder of the route.

Crossing Banstead Downs Golf Course is almost and hazardous as crossing the busy A217, it was a busy day for Golfers !

The Busy A217

The last few miles are mostly walking through roads of upscale housing, large detached houses which you would describe as Stockbroker Belt housing !

Stockbroker Belt Houses

And so onto Ewell through the lovely Nonsuch Park, the grounds of Henry VIII’s last Palace project and the end of the section at Ewell West Station.

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