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The London Loop Part 7: Chigwell to Upminster Bridge

The Only Way is Essex ? Well yesterday walking this section it was and it was another long one at 16 miles!

The first section climbing up from Chigwell into the havering forrest is the poorest maintained and signposted section so far.. this signpost early on was a classic… “Do you think we might have gone a bit far with the new fence Darren ?”

New fence ?

This is a very rural section also and in mid October that means ploughed fields and very muddy conditions either side of the section through Hainault Forest.

As I walking on a Sunday there was also a little dodging of Golf balls on the busy Hainault Forest Golf Club which the route crosses before climbing again into Having Country Park.

As you would expect in the parks along the route, the path is generally well maintained but crossing farmland and hedgerows a little care and attention is needed, this footbridge could do with some work!

The middle section of the walk is across downland farmland before dropping down into Harold Wood and once again entering the edge on London suburbs.

Pages Wood

The final section is relatively flat following the Ingrebourne valley and crossing the southern part of Pages Wood a new woodland recently planted, great to see so close to London !

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