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Heading East..

The London Loop Part 3: Uxbridge to Northwood

A short section this, as expected getting to and from the start and end points on public transport took almost as much time as walking the route. The first section from Uxbridge continued North along the banks of the Grand Central Canal although this is a beautiful rural section all the way.

Grand Union Canal at Harefield

At Harefield West the route turns right and finally starts heading East, the route leaving the Canal and passing through some proper countryside and woodlands.. this is proper country walking with the first stile of my walk !

The first Stile !

There is nice contrast on this section with open countryside and then the quite dense woodland of Bishops Wood

Bishops Wood

It’s in the woodland than the need for a map and some basic navigation skills become obvious, spot the direction marker in the picture below.. Miss it and you are heading off in the wrong direction !

Look very carefully the direction sign is at the centre of this image..

Just before entering the wood I came accross the walk’s most interesting / unexpected sight… I pointed out the route was heading East but I did not expect to see a Chinese Police Car parked on a farm track!

Conspiracy theory anyone ?

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