Every Concorde in a year…

To visit every surviving Concorde in a year…

Mission Accomplished…

Well I enjoyed that challenge, here for your reference are details of my quest all eighteen airframes visited in a year.

All the concordes where are they ?

RegistrationLocationDate visited
G-BOAAEast Fortune, Scotland10th May 2016

Much as I expected it was in some ways a rather sad process of course we would all rather see Concorde flying rather than in museums, but the fact that a few of the airframes seem almost forgotten and unloved in a few locations is rather depressing.  Highlights in terms of the best preserved and presented aircraft are pair at Le Bourget, Alpha Alpha at East Fortune and Alpha Echo at Bridgetown.  At the other end of the spectrum are of course Alpha Bravo in the car park at Heathrow and historic Concorde 02 at Orly !

Seeing Concorde remains an emotional experience, even if you have not been lucky enough to see one fly, there is something so special about the design or at a more fundamental level just the shape. Of course Concorde was an engineering marvel but perhaps it’s real appeal is that it is the manifestation of the paper dart that we as children imagined all aircraft to be !

Every Concorde on a Map !


5 Replies to “Every Concorde in a year…”

  1. I remember it flying overhead around 7pm on a Friday night when we used to drink at the Ostrich in Colnbrook. Many photos (yes, using cameras not phones!) of the takeoff afterburners and man, that noise was amazing! Well done for completing it.

    1. I fondly remember how it would stop conversation at school in Surrey everyday at 10:45 due to the noise when it majestically flew by.

  2. A remarkable achievement, highly envious!
    I have such fond memories of Concorde, having grown up with it from early sonic boom test flights, working on parts as an apprentice and then with BA at Heathrow. In between times, living 3 miles South of Heathrow, it used to do a long sweep out over London, so it was one of the few aircraft that didn’t fly directly over the roof of my house in summer, instead just rolling by in the distance. Even moving to Devon I still had a connection. Depending on weather conditions, the sonic boom off Land’s End was audible before London bound Concorde’s throttled back.

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