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Concorde 201 F-WTSB, Toulouse France

Concorde 201 F-WTSB, was the first production test airframe and as such is the sister aircraft of Brooklands Concorde 202 Delta Golf.

As displayed in the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse it is possible to board the aircraft and view the flight observers’ station and test equipment in the forward cabin and the aft cabin complete with splendid 1970’s era leather VIP seats.


In common with Delta Golf, Sierra Bravo did not enter commercial service and had a similar varied  and colourful career, indeed although often known as the “White Concorde”, Sierra Bravo was given a very colouful livery to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first flight in 1989.


Now safely displayed inside the Museum building, next to an Airbus A300B representing the prototype of its successor  in terms of European civil aviation,  Sierra Bravo is still an impressive sight !



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