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Concorde 206 G-BOAA, East Fortune, Scotland

The start of a personal quest for me, this year I aim to visit each one of the eighteen preserved Concorde aircraft, to be fair I have visited many of them already – but this time I have a plan and a time limit to achieve my goal.  Eighteen aircraft distributed across five countries seems to be feasible, especially at most remain in the UK and France.


So to start, visited on 5th May 2016  the sixth production airframe  Concorde G-BOAA housed in the quite impressive dedicated facility at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, Scotland.  Well worth a visit – this is fitting display of the aircraft with many other Concorde artifacts and an interactive displays.

G-BOAA last few in August 2000 and did not receive the final refit following the Paris crash, and was transported from London to Scotland by barge in 2004.




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East fortune…. I used to go and watch the motorbike racing with my dad at East fortune. Great place.

Seems to be a bug showing oblique imagery when you are zoomed in ? Is this what you are seeing – I’d really appreciate if you could send me a screenshot? Thanks

Thanks. Something weird is definitely going on: when I checked this morning, on Chrome, I was able to toggle between regular maps and satellite view. The 3D option had gone. I was delighted, because the ‘normal’ aerial photos were back! But, alas, half and hour later I refreshed, and the 3D option was back. Basically, if you’re in map view, click on earth, you’re forced into the 3D google earth mode. Even when you position the camera directly above, the imagery is still the 3D imagery. There is no way to get the normal satellite layer into google maps. You can see how bad it looks here: I’m puzzled why I could access the normal (and lovely!) satellite layer earlier this morning, but it’s definitely linked to the 3D Earth forced view in

Hi John,

Thanks I will look into seeing if we can improve the 3D image quality – That’s what you should see as you zoom in in Satellite view, you might see the 2D version when you browser is not able to display it for some reason.. WebGL is still sometimes flaky!

Thanks for taking the time to report this, really do appreciate it.


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