IoT Technology Research Award Pilot

There is understandable interest in the Internet of Things fral all people involved with Geospatial Technology,  as after all location is a foundational component for many IoT applications. I still love the fact that my central heating is controlled by a Nest thermostat monitoring the location of my smartphone, making sure my home is not heated unnecessarily, while turning on the heating when I am 30 minutes from home.

Yesterday Google Research announced the Google Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Research Award Pilot,  a programme to provide Research with IoT technology to carry out short term experiments.

Technology available include;

  • OnHub Router, Chrome Boxes.
  • The Google beacon and Physical web platform.
  • Google Cloud Platform IoT Solutions

Submit your proposal by February 29th in order to be considered for a award. We are  looking for projects that offer impact and interesting ideas so priority will be given to research that can make immediate use of the todays technologies.

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