Waldgoel leads to adventure ?

I very rarely get spam or junk email at work (Gmail is really very good a filtering out the stuff you don’t want to see) but this email dropped into my inbox today..

If only Waldgoel was real..

Compliment, Am Chnatal Waldvogel, I work with a pharmaceutical company here in Canada and I got your contact from Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce in Canada and I decided to contact you directly for an investment with my company if you can understand English, Bahasa.
Our company is into production of Pharmaceutical products and Animal Vaccines. There are some agricultural seeds that my company needs from Indonesia for the production of our Animal Vaccines and Anti-viral drugs.
We have been purchasing the materials from Pakistan and Sri Lanka but it is very scarce now and we got information that it also exist in Indonesia but we are having problem with the owner of the products due to language barrier.
Please take a moment out of your very busy schedule to respond back to me at my private e mail address for more detail.

It would make a great film script don’t you think,  seed smuggling in Indonesia, featuring speed boats, helicopters.. a femme fatale..

Oh well, back to work !

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Maybe he (or she) is real, try zooming in on Google Earth to see if there are any seed investors digging away in Indonesia ?



This is a rather “seedy story”, however I have just come across a much more uplifting one about four Southampton Uni MSc students who plan to drive an Ambulance to Mongolia this summer.

Apparently they are planning to donate the ambulance to Ulaan Bator General Hospital (as long as they have not picked up any patients on the way !)

I suggested that they contact people involved in the Spatial World, and you came to mind as I figured it might make an interesting Google Earth project ?

Anyway here is the link

Apparently Nick Mason (yes that one from Pink Floyd) who has given them a signed album and drumsticks to auction to contribute to the ambulance! If anyone is interested in purchasing them please contact them as they are keen to flog them for the cause.



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