What’s in the bag Steve

So Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh, this video from the original launch event once again demonstrates Jobs extraordinary ability to demo a product.

Although of course technically a huge step forward from the green screen personal computers of the time, the Mac was a commercial disaster leading to the infamous ousting of Jobs from Apple just a year later..Apple have done a great job celebrating the last 30 years, with Macs and their users from each year, including the awful Macs of the mid 1990’s at

For the record, my personal ownership has been as follows..

1987 – Macintosh SE
1989 – Macintosh IIci
1990 – Macintosh LC (first Mac I actually purchased with my own money)
1992 – Powerbook 170 & Quadra 700
1993 – Cenris 660AV
1995 – Power Macintosh 8500

The Dark Years….

2002 iMac (the luxo lamp)
2004 PowerBook G4
2005 Power Mac G5
2007 Macbook Pro
2008 Macbook (White)
2009 Macbook Air
2010 Mac mini
2011 Macbook Air
2012 iMac
2013 Macbook & Macbook Air

Beat that ?

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