I have seen the future

of maps and its right before your eyes.. Early days of course but the migration of Geospatial information to wearable computing devices will have at least as much an impact as Google Earth nearly ten years ago ..

Field Trip on Glass
YOUR CITY IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING The history, architecture, insider tips and hidden gems from over 100 local publisher partners come to life. Right before your eyes – Field Trip for iPhone, Android, and now Glass. © 2013. NianticLabs@Google All rights reserved.

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Not at all sure. Instead of using your eyes to see the world around you, you continually have to focus on a popup nugget of information…and thus miss the very thing you’re there to see. And it’s a bit odd that the wearable tech makes everyone a speccy (like me)…bring on the contact lens version or heck, do away with eyes altogether and hardwire into the brain to feed us with information. Hope I didn’t reveal any secrets 🙂

My thinking is that the popups will increasingly become more specific only providing information that’s relevant, the first time you stand by the water pump in soho, you here about John Snow because you are a map geek… next time no pop up – if you are not interested in the history of maps or epidemiology, there is a nice pub around the corner…

hmm seem more like an advert selling a lifestyle than something actually useful.
Anyhow I reckon that girl would be more concerned that the creepy guy who always wears his Google Glasses was secretly filming her 🙂

Doing a road trip with GMaps is far better now than it was two years ago, for both navigation and POIs. Still wish there were better cell data everywhere, and that the Google nav voice were as sexy as the Garmin british female voice 🙂 Still need a GPS, but left the paper maps at home this time.

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