I’ve moved this blog Google+


Over the last few years I have posted here less and less, while I find myself posting much more on Google+ and Twitter. So as of  today I’m moving my blog over to Google+.

Follow me at  +ed parsons to keep in touch..

I’ll see you there!


2 replies on “I’ve moved this blog Google+”

Ahhhhh – the corporate line on g+. Do we get an RSS feed at g+? T’wud seem its not easy, but correct me if Im wrong….. Since the depcapitation of Reader, Google has become surplus to requirements: openstreetmap, firefox, duckduckgo…..all better services

Not the corporate line, just don’t have as much to say on the blog anymore and I have 2000+ in my circles compared with less than 100 RSS subscribers.

As for the other services good luck with those .. Choice is a great thing

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