A two speed geospatial world ?

“Will A “Geo-Divide” Arise Between Nations In The Future?”

Kevin is right on the money with this, although I would argue the timeframes could be compressed by a factor of two.. we are already beginning to see a divide emerging even within Europe.. Street view vs. non-Street view countries for example.. or the ludicrous decision of a French court re Google Maps !

The fundamental tension remains the ability of Governmental and legal frameworks to keep pace with technological change, but increasingly this is no longer an academic debate as nations economies will be directly impacted.

If you were a geo entrepreneur where would you set up your business ?

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Excellent find, i had not come across that blog. Kevin raises some very valid points. Yeah we are all concerned about our own privacy but as long as we have the option to opt into these apps and services then others can decide to opt out. Streetview differences around Europe are just a bit mad, a knee-jerk reaction. Not sure if EU law would sort this out to provide an EU-wide consistent legal framework. Not my area really, but Kevin’s blog is an excellent resource to gen up.

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