The return of the Apple sticker


You may remember my concerns with continuing the tradition of putting an Apple Sticker on my car, in a time when it so common to see Apple Computers that the cult was no more. Well thanks to eBay I have found salvation, a vintage rainbow Apple Sticker now adorns my car, demonstrating that yes I am an Apple enthusiast of the old school !

Thanks Andrew for the inspiration !

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One reply on “The return of the Apple sticker”

Back in the 80s everyone and their dog had an Apple II+. And these days everyone has an Apple personal device (hold on, I know what you’re thinking, and most folks I know who own an Android phone still own an Ipod or two….) So by the “cult” you must be referring to people who only own one computer and chose a Mac over a PC to be said computer. I love my Ipad and have loved my many different Ipods through the years (I was the first person on my block to own one back before everyone had 10 of them), but when it comes to my main computer I’d rather not have Steve Jobs (RIP) watching over my shoulder, telling me what I can and cannot do to the extent I’ve seen with Macs. So my main computer will always be a PC, A PC I can program, screw up the registry, and get viruses on to my heart’s content… although I’d gladly own a Mac to play around with on the side if I could afford it, (which I can’t.) And yes, I have an Apple Sticker on my car (didn’t want the thing to go to waste), although It isn’t rainbow colored if that makes you feel better.

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