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So you want to use Google Earth to…

One of the most common questions people ask me, is “Can we use Google Maps to do xxx” , or “Can I use Google Earth in..” in most cases the answer is usually a resounding “YES”, but there are usually some conditions on use and for some uses the answer I’m afraid is no. For the past few years I have pointed people to the Geo Permissions website, which has been updated to now include a Permission Tool , a wizard interface to take your step by step through the permissions process.

I was at the INSPIRE Conference last week discussing amongst others things the licensing of geospatial data for shared Spatial Data Infrastructure projects, I made the point that increasingly data would be made available via online services and perhaps an additional way of reducing complexity is look at similar tools to explain access via future online services – the key insight.. to be user rather than producer focused !

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I’m wondering can you just confirm what is meant by “We cannot provide high-resolution or vector screen captures of Google Maps” – taken from rules/guidelines vai the geopermissions website.

Does this mean in effect you unable to use the imagery based maps from google maps full-stop?



Don’t suppose you happen to know if Google have a future plan in place on re-imaging older images? For example parts of Australia that have imagery dated before 2004?
It would be nice to know if they do have a plan put into place. Creating something as awesome as Google Earth currently is; the public will wanting it to be updated every now and then.


Dave, The imagery in Google Earth/maps is updated all the time, although future plans are not published. You can register on the “Follow Your World” webpage to be automatically informed when new imagery for your specific area of interest becomes available.


I liked the Version of Google earth that had Panoramic Camera picturing whereas you could go ground level and have a 360 view, and the feature of being able to post photos of places visited. I downloaded Google Earth 2011 and I lost these features???????????????????

I work for a private company, and I have created kml files (using excel) to view locations of assets, via GE, that we own . I would like to give these files to field personnel to view on the free version of GE. Is this in violation of GE’s terms of service?

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