Apple Sticker no more?

For the last twenty years or so, every car I have owned has had an Apple sticker proudly displayed on the back window. For many years fellow Apple enthusiasts have expressed our devotion to the Mac and our membership of a small but we believe righteous minority by such tribal markings.


Last week I took delivery of a new car and now face a dilemma .. I still love Apple stuff and spend more than ever in the temples known as Apple Stores, but I’m just not sure about the sticker anymore. It was fun in the late 1990’s spotting another car with an apple sticker because you knew there was another rare individual returning to their Mac.

Now of course it seems everybody uses a MacBook, iPhone or iPad, the sticker no longer has the same meaning..

So Dear Readers what should I do sticker or no sticker?

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Ah the rainbow sticker, that takes be back to my first sticker from a Mac LC on a rusty Japanese jeep – well I was young and impressionable – re the Jeep not the Mac !

Sticker! Those of us who put stickers on our cars are the real devotees (in fact, I put mine on my car not knowing that this was some sort of official designation). Others not as devoted through the sticker away.

Stick with the sticker, regardless of Apple’s cult/ure that logo is marketing genius incarnate.

I agree everyone seems to be using iPads or iPhones, and I’d add iPods. It’s to Steve Jobs’ credit not only to have created a market from thin air in the mobile arena, but also to have pushed AAPL ahead of XOM, GOOG, ORCL and MSFT.

Lest we forget, however, Jobs did pull Apple back from the brink of its earlier incarnation as a computer manufacturer. Googling “macbook market share” shows a drop from 29% in 2007 thru 12% Nov last year to 6% last month…

The German political party ‘Die Grünen’ faces now the same problem. Their cult ‘Atomkraft? Nein Danke’ is now the policy of the Bundesregierung and the new devotion of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. The people of ‘Die Grünen’ still can’t believed. They want to hang on their old times. Those were the days! But those days are over. And for Apple/Mac lovers: It is iEverwhere at the moment!
I think you have to hook on new niche. Personally: I got a Saint Andrew’s cross on my car. Or is that not allowed for English? Maybe a Esri-logo will do for you? I think only Jack Dangermouse has such a thing on his car (or his rollator) 😉

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