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Beehives and Google Earth fight crime!

A great example of an innovative use of Google Earth Enterprise, as an extension to Local Government GIS use in the UK.

To find the application of Beehives you will just need to watch ..

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Slick video!

What is interesting is that the stories here are not much different from what we were doing with ‘old school’ GIS in Local Gov 10-15 years ago. For example most of this seems to be saying “It is really useful because I can now see where X is on the map”.

Does this:
a) show how useful just showing stuff on map is and therefore this use case has stood the test of time?
b) or show that we have made bugger all progress with GI/Maps tech?

OK, so the software is a bit easier to use. But is Google Earth much more intuitive than early versions of ArcView was? Does it work out any cheaper?

According to an article today – Are they allowed to? 😉

“But currently local authorities can’t use Google Maps – the most popular online mapping system – to publish the location of services, though they will be able to use other web mapping systems.

This is because the Ordnance Survey claims Google claims the right to use data displayed on Google Maps, a right the OS doesn’t want to grant, according to a blog by the Ordnance Survey.

The Ordnance Survey and Google are in ongoing discussions on the issue.”

Justin, the OS licensing is not as restricted when using the Google Earth ENTERPRISE version where you build your own globes within your organisation. With this version Google do NOT claim the use of the data displayed as the organisation globe and data in held within the organisation behind a firewall for example.

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