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Image of the day : Democracy at work ?

Courtesy of last weeks drop of Ordanace Survey Open Data, the Westminster electoral boundaries in Google Earth.

It’s amazing to think that such a key dataset was not easily accessible until so recently. Without doubt this is just the type of data set that the “free our data” movement was calling to be made freely available.

The type of innovation that comes from the increased accessibility of information is well demonstrated by the code point web service developed by Stuart Harrison over the weekend at and documented on the uk-government-data-developers mailing list.

What a difference a week makes !!

Written and submitted from the Google Offices, London (51.495N, 0.146W)

4 replies on “Image of the day : Democracy at work ?”

Unfortunately, the OS boundary data does not include up-to-date constituency boundaries. they are due to be released after the forthcoming election. The boundaries are probably close to being right, but since OS hold the new boundaries, it is a shame they didn’t release them.

Hi Chris,

OS released the new boundaries for the upcoming election in a BoundaryLine release 6ish months ago. Assuming that all of BoundaryLine is now OS open data, some kind soul who paid for the update should be able to supply it to the rest of us.

Can anyone out there help?

From 8 April, both the current October 2009 and the new, updated constituency boundaries were made available through OS OpenData – enjoy!

Hi Ed
First congratulations on this excellent page as your’m a big fan of geo and your web.

I wanted to share this file to draw about a year ago, are the electoral data from the city of Barcelona in Google Earth, a little data to work with the google api charth of integration and fusion of them in tables, although it was a year ago knowing this tool try to do my best. I leave the link of the file.


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