My Christmas project

bookEvery year I give myself a little project to do that has the twin aims of providing an alternative to watching TV and keeps my “hand-on” skills with technology current. In the past I have built linux servers from scratch, learnt Ruby of Rails (remember that !!) and of course uncessfully tried to build a cheap remote sensing platform from an electric RC helicopter (not enough lift – too much vibration).

This year my projct is less challenging in many ways, completely inspired by John McKerrell and his now famous Weasley Clock I am going to learn how to build robuts using the Arduino Kit. So I have my book, a simple Arduino kit and some stuff from Maplin..

Our Robot Overloads will take their first steps…

Happy Holidays !!

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6 replies on “My Christmas project”

What a great idea ! Please keep us updated how you get on. I am wondering whether that might be a fun or do-able with my 13 year old boys. Will I be able to drag them away from the Wii to build something 🙂

Good stuff Ed – I got an Arduino kit back in August, but other projects keep intervening so I’m not far beyond shift registers and trying to find stepper motors on the cheap. I’m hoping there’s a critical mass forming of Arduino hackers around in London at some point soon!

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