TomTom Go I-90 the end of the line for PND’s ?

The TomTom Go I-90 reports Engadget is a satnav that is built for permanent installation in the DIN slot of your cars dashboard. This immediately caught my interest as I want to replace the factory fit system in my 5 year old Nissan X-Trail, becase it is no longer possible to get map updates for it.

The new tomtom device sounds better integrated than my exsiting system and with the new mapshare terchnology promises more up to date navigation data, but it also I think represents the last generation of dedicated PND’s

The smartphone is becoming the converged device of choice for turn by turn directions, a fact recognised to their credit by tomtom  with their iphone app, although we are still to see the full potential of driving directions calculated in the cloud with real time data becoming a major compoent.

Perhaps the next generation of in car devices will become little more than monitors for displaying and controlling content from your smartphone? This is still I guess a few years away, in the meantime I will be looking at the I-90.

Written and submitted from the Googleplex, California (37.421N, 122.087W)

One reply on “TomTom Go I-90 the end of the line for PND’s ?”

Why would I want to pay 500gbp for something that I might not be able to get map updates for in 5 years time?! Let’s have more focus on customer service and cut down the number of upgrades forced by discontinued support.

You’re only getting rid of your existing system because you can’t get updates for it so I presume you would happily carry on using it otherwise. So off to the landfill site it goes then, along with our Freeview VCR which no longer works because Daewoo didn’t implement Freeview on it properly. My paper road atlas on the other hand costs less than 20gbp a year and recycles nicely (OK the plastic spiral will go in the bin).

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