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Just think of the guy who has to pedal..

We have been asking people to vote on the tourist destination that would most like to see covered by Street View in the UK. In many cases the destinations short listed with help from Visit Britain, are not accessible with a car, hence these destinations will have the street view imagery captured using one of custom build tricycles designed for the purpose.

On your trike
On your trike

I have voted for Stonehenge myself, and of course I am not going to try and influence your decision, but just think of our poor cyclist (not me !!) who may have to cycle round Loch Ness or the Pembrokeshire Coast.

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“but just think of our poor cyclist (not me !!) who may have to cycle round Loch Ness or the Pembrokeshire Coast.”
That’s the whole reason I voted for the coast, to see if it could be done 🙂

What about Durdle Door the best and really only good views of that are from the beach or the sea, have you ever tried riding a bike on a beach??

What next google street view boat???

Hmm now theres an idea, boats with the streetview camera for doing rivers, lakes, coasts etc. I put my hand up to helm that boat, that would be cool! Wonder how well the cameras work when they are rolling about!!

Ah, I saw photos of the trikes in the states and wondered what it would be like cycling on one. I considered seeing if you wanted me to cycle around Newcastle or somewhere, in exchange for the data being available for use in OSM.

Durdle Door should be viewed from the pebble beach. I don’t see your trike cycling along that, and you won’t get a good angle from the cliff top footpath. Also, how many of these footpaths don’t allow cyclists?

From Google Maps Mania blog (referring to USA): “[We’re partnering] with universities and colleges who say ‘this is a great chance to explore our campus in a different way,'” said Sean Carlson, Google’s manager of global communications and public affairs. If a similar plan is envisaged in UK I would be pleased to put you in touch with appropriate person at Middlesex University, as I am sure we would be interested in participating.

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