LBS Thoughts

Latitude finds lost purse.. world a slightly better place !

  OK to us Brits it’s a handbag, but this techcruch story is a interesting one both highlighting a technology story and a how old media deals with a technology story story ! A lady in silicon valley loses her bag, but because in it there is a phone which is running Latitude, it is […]

Data Policy Google Earth Thoughts

GIS without a GIS ?

Interesting challenge, Can you do simple spatial analysis without access to a GIS or raw data ? I received this email today, what do you think ? “Hope you are well – I am now 18 months into a career in renewable energy and am the “expert” in GIS in this company.  We work with Imass (my old […]


Do you remember BGIS ?

  Ken Field at Kingston University has been asked by ESRI to write an article on the history of GIS at Kingston for publication in the next ArcNews. I’m must admit I did not realise that the GIS course is 20 years old this year, and as the worlds first undergraduate course in GIS this is something to celebrate. So if you are a […]

Street VIew Thoughts

If you want privacy, don’t invite the BBC !

The irony of this, surely needs comment. So two upstanding citizens of Broughton (one of Milton Keynes “villages”) flag down a passing Street View car, have a chat with its driver and tell him to be on his way as they (on behalf of the rest of the village I assume) don’t want their privacy infringed by […]