The battle at the heart of Geography

Tuesday of this week I along with 700 others spent a wonderful evening being entertained by the wonderful Stephen Fry at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), London. In a lecture theatre  which had heard, first hand, the exploits of the great explorers Livingstone, Scott, Shackleton and in the modern era Neil Armstrong, we listened to a great Englishman who admitted to be awed to […]

conference LBS Thoughts

A different perspective of London

I gave a presentation at the Digital Cities Seminar yesterday and was fascinated by some of the maps Sir Terry Farrell showed as part of his presentation which will be featured in his new book Shaping London. It is always refreshing to look at how people other than cartographers choose to represent geospatial information, the image below taken from Terry’s presentation show the […]


Panorama – Athens

A Panorama of the Acropolis, taken on a rushed morning trip during the recent OGC TC Meeting in Athens.

Thoughts live

I’m trying out the Friend Connect, discussion widget at, feel free to give it a go and join in the debate. Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

Ordnance Survey Thoughts

I must commend the Ordnance Survey for publishing their new strategy as a wordpress blog, along the lines of the Power of Information final report, this is really a very good idea. It’s a pity it’s not working at the moment, hope the error message is not a bad sign..I’m sure this is a server […]