Do you remember BGIS ?


BGIS The Kingston Class of 1992
BGIS The Kingston Class of 1992

Ken Field at Kingston University has been asked by ESRI to write an article on the history of GIS at Kingston for publication in the next ArcNews. I’m must admit I did not realise that the GIS course is 20 years old this year, and as the worlds first undergraduate course in GIS this is something to celebrate.

So if you are a BGIS student please either get in touch with Ken with your memories, or add your comments below. I have nothing but happy memories of my time teaching there, and am extremely proud of the students of Kingston who have had a impact on the GIS industry all around the world.

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Hey Ed, I may be sleep deprived but I haven’t lost my memory! Of course I remember BGIS…all good memories…but for some reason subsequent to graduating I seem to have worked with three of my lecturers! If I have time I’ll get in touch with Ken, presumably through Kingston…
Hope you and family are all well,
Rachel x

Hi Ed,

Can it really be 20 years?! That is very scary…..
I don’t know if I’m the only one but I actually did this course twice! Started it in 1990 and finally graduated in 1996! Glad I did but 5 years of GIS study is enough for anyone. Thankfully I have had a varied and interesting career in Emergency Planning, software training and marketing and consultancy, have worked in both private and public sector and my GIS degree was also useful when I lived in Canada! I have just been offered a job in Business Continuity for the Police so I am glad I couldn’t get onto the Geography course!
Where can we see all the other class photos!!!??

We’re planning a reunion sometime later this year for all past staff and students. It would be good if we can start collating a ‘where are you now’ list so please feel free to send me an email ( and I’ll keep you in touch.

As Ed says, I’m writing a short article for ArcNews but we’re planning a longer ‘review’ and some past student contributions would be terrific. Again, send me what you want!

Looking at the alumni years page, why have class sizes shrunk year on year, to less than half of what they were in 1992? Doesn’t make sense when in the same time the GI industry has grown many times over.

I know other unis have the same issue, so this is more of a rhetorical question, but the answer is still eluding me. Is academia not moving with the times?

The number of people who turned up for the photo isn’t the same as the number of people who were on the course that year!

I did leave a message when this was first published! But it must have got lost in the internet mix!
Yes I can see myself in the picture! Mmmm I look basically the same – although 2 children later! These were great days and I had a fab time on the course and made loads of brilliant friends at Kingston. (It was a Poly when we all started!) and I have stayed true to GIS and have spent 15 years! at ESRI now.
Looking forward to any reunion that is organised!
Ally x

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