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OK, firstly I’m not a great royalist I must admit, but I am quite impressed by the new Royal Family website. As government websites go this is fairly impressive and well designed with great use of media, social network linking, FAQ’s etc.


Of course for me the most innovative part of the site is the Royal Diary Map, a simple tool well executed, which allows interested members of the public to find out where members of the Royal Family will be in the next two weeks.

What’s good enough for the Royal Family should be good enough for other parts of UK government don’t you think ?

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What’s good enough for the Royal Family should be good enough for other parts of UK government don’t you think ?

I agree with your sentiment, but you seem to be implying the royal family is government.

I think actually, that the government belongs to the queen, but that does seem a moot point.

Would have been better though if the Queen had used her own mapping? (hint: Ordnance Survey)

good point, maybe they’ll add a ‘Where’s Liz’ WordPress Plugin or geo-track the corgis with googgle latitude…

I am deeply impressed to know that the British Royalty has its own web-site. It happenned way back in 1996, during my first visit abroad, that too in London, I stood in front of the Buckingham palace, hoping hope against hope to have a glimpse of the royalty , the Queen Elizabeth to board down from her helicopter on their royal helipad. My wish to meet her in person reached fruition very soon, when she came all the way to Cochin to our International Pepper Exchange. Infact I got the honour to show arathi to her, a act done to show immense love, respect , adoration and devotion. I just cant forget, when she said beautifull , when I was doing all this for her. While leaving the Exchange, she turned back removed her gloves and shook hands with me. Her presence of mind is too good for her stature and position. I had the Arathi Thali with me, when she arrived , so she made it a point to show her love, when my hands were free.
It was very kind to send a autogragh photo of hers to us as token of her love to us. This photo of the Queen adores our tiny flat in Cochin . I look at it and feel happy everytime !

I particularly enjoyed the mental image of Ed’s twitter tweet regarding a theoretical conversation between Vanessa and Her Majesty regarding derived data. One can only imagine the constitutional fun that would arise.

To David , (3rd poster) – google maps is the obvious choice for the Royal Website, after OS does not provide maps out the UK so would be no use to HRH when travelling outside of the UK!

And in any event the underlying mapping still originates from OS all be it via a licensed partner so that should keep everybody happy, even the blo*dy Guardian!

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