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The Geoweb and Digital Mapping Conference 2009

Looks like the first conference of next year for me will be a new one, The Geoweb and Digital Mapping Conference 2009 is a new conference for Europe along the lines of Where 2.0 or Location Intelligence, to be held in London, 13-14 January. It’s great to see a conference like this in Europe, as much innovation […]

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The old computers quiz

A bit of midweek fun from the BBC. The old computers quiz inspired by a question asked on University Challenge no less, which my wife just knew I would love. A little UK-centric, but good fun anyway. I am a Super-Mario of old computers it seems, my children must be so proud ! Written and submitted from […]


The real King Arthur…

Much as I and the family love the BBC’s new Saturday night family drama, “Merlin” I can’t help but feel there has been a dumbing down of the Arthurian legends of my childhood. Of course the canonical (love that word.. it’s very geeky at the moment don’t you think ?) version was Monty Python and […]

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Whose map is it anyway..

View Larger Map It’s mine all mine.. This is a map of recycling centres in Teddington, my local neighbourhood in London. I created it my looking up the locations of recycling centres run by my local council, the London Borough of Richmond, from their website and then added the points using the existing Google Map […]

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A conference rich in social capital

I got back last weekend from Cape Town and the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference 2008, easily one of the best conference I have attended recently! The FOSS4G conference is like no other attracting the most enthusiastic and active delegates who as well as talking about the potential of geospatial technology, […]