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Links for 30 July 2008


A interesting idea, a simple game that works like a visual crossword puzzle,  uses the Google Maps infrastructure to create a zoomed in image of an area which you must identify from a global maps using the clue provided. 

So for example, this place is..

  • In the heart of Europa, but not EU
  • This bridge is next to a famous wooden bridge
  • The wooden bridge burnt down in 1993
ESRI UC coverage..
I miss not attending the ESRI UC in Sani Diego, I have many friends who will be attending and have happy memories of past conferences, Google will be there however, so if you are going to the conference pop by and say hi to the googlers enjoying San Diego. For those watching from a distance, join me in following the conference via the Very Spatial Blog feed and Twitter feed

Written and submitted from Madrid Airport, using its kubi 802.11 network.

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The tower on the bridge was a gaol two hundred years ago, two of my wife’s ancestors were locked up there! 🙂

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