Siralan and the British IT Industry


Ok, so I like many geeks of my age along with my early Sinclair computers was an Amstrad user having a CPC and a PC clone at one point. Amstrad as a manufacturer of computers disappeared years ago, there is now the Viglen brand, but they are only bought by public sector organisation who don’t know better.

Last weeks Money Programme on Bill Gates featured an interview with Sir Alan Sugar, the boss of Amstrad, indeed the AMS of Alan Michael Sugar Trading.

Siralan as he is now known from the UK version of The Apprentice, is a great character.. but if you want to understand why there is no UK company like, Apple, Microsoft, Intel or Nokia just listen to his views…

Very sad….

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I agree, in the interview he showed himself up to be just another box shifter, no creativity, and disappointingly – not the business idol he is being made up to be.

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