Links for 18 March 2008

Kings College London Geodata Portal

One of the most comprehensive collections of environmental data rendered using Google Earth.

Explanation of Tech, using paper
Have you seen the great video explaining how My Location works on youTube, it was produced by Seattle based Common Craft who have published a series of similar videos on their site, doing a great job explaining things like RSS.

A useful proposed extension to GeoRSS
Andrew Turner suggests multiple geometry’s as the next logical step for GeoRSS, I completely see the sense in this although the encoding of geometry still feels a little uncertain, is anybody using GML ?

Cloudmade gains series A funding of €2.4 million
Congratulations to Steve and Nick, is Cloudmade the Redhat of Opengeodata ? Well many see the potential, and the beer should be free down Putney way for the next couple of days.

Written and Submitted from the Google Office, London.

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