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Whitehall and laptops..

An interesting news story from, noting that government staff are to be banned from removing laptops containing personal information from their offices.

Is it just me, but should we not be asking why they have such data on their laptops in the first place ? Surely all such information should be held only in databases on the government secure network, where they use can be monitored and protected.. if this needs to be accessed from home or on the road then VPN into the network ?

For too long this has been reported as Government being careless losing laptops, the real story is a complete lack of information management. If this type of debate gets your interest, take a look a Cory Doctorow’s article in the Guardian last week.

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Anonymity: really interesting side debate that has sprung up here, that is naturally very sensitive and which ultimately underpins all blogs of this type which allow for opinionated and subjective comments. There is big value in blogs of this nature; particularly in industry sectors usch as ours where change is apparent and required. I feel that anonymity decreases the effect. Somehow the strength of a comment decreases when the mask of anonymity is applied. Just a thought.

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