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Dr Vanessa V Lawrence CB

In this years New Years Honours my old boss at the OS has been made a Companion of the Order of the Bath, a honour bestowed upon senior members of the civil service within the UK and a true badge of the establishment.

Congratulations Vanessa, this is well deserved (I’m sure getting OpenSpace out of the door helped 🙂 ), btw can you get me an introduction with Kylie ?

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A bit further down the list we find Bob Barr receiving a mere OBE for an even greater contribution to the GI industry. Plus he got his doctrate by submitting a PhD. Just about says it all about the value of titles and gongs.


Did not spot that you are absolutely right !!, Bob has contributed a great deal to the industry in the UK, well done Dr Barr !!

I would have a lot more respect if Dr Vanessa were a captain of industry rather than a captain of a monopoly. Itâ??s the same the world over, politicians and civil servants always pat themselves on the back and in some cases by rank expect a gong. Her claim to fame should read how she ripped off the private sector here in the UK and how she held back the British economy by GBP 600 million with regard to OS pricing.

Being an ex soldier myself perhaps the guys on the front line who put themselves in danger should get the gongs. It is disgraceful that the head of a failed public organisation should be rewarded in such a way even when the OFT are still investigating!

Good to see Garratt remained resolutely miserable right up until the end of 2007.

The use of the military argument to try and sway and argument is silly and pointless. Stop being a grumpy old man.

Heres hoping you enjoy 2008 just as much!

Grumpy Never! I had a good 2007 and I intend to have a good 2008. As for the military argument well the author of the comment should remember the freedom they enjoy comes at a price. Clearly they don’t have the balls to disclose themselves! What a coward!

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