A great birthday present : Pixelmator

Today the long anticipated Pixelmator image editing application for the Mac was released, and for me it is quite a birthday present. For a long time I have used Photoshop which was too complicated for my needs, or Photoshop Elements which was just too windows like.

Pixelmator the product of London Brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide is just perfect for my needs – and boy does it exploit the modern Macintosh system exploiting OS X’s core image technology and making use of that powerful GPU you have sitting in your Mac, it is fast and looks beautiful.

For just over £30 if this does not win awards this year there is no justice.

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

One reply on “A great birthday present : Pixelmator”

Looking through all the specs, I see a Photoshop clone — thus, I’m not certain how it would make image editing any less ‘complicated’. There appears to be a lack of a couple tools that I feel are extremely important in PS.

There does appear to be a wider list of native format support, which I like — and leverages the Core processing functions on the Mac (something that Adobe will eventually get around to exploiting better). Otherwise, the real draw to me would be the price-point — which is far more ‘accessible’ than Adobe’s products.

The less ‘complicated’ apps, are probably Picasa, etc. Programs that attempt to use quick, automated methods to enhance imagery for those who either 1) don’t understand image processing at a higher level, or 2) don’t wish to do anything other than get the most ‘attractive’ look for their digital representations for sharing via the Web [and via automation].

Looks pretty cool though!

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