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Brothers in ArmsListened to the latest TWiT podcast on the tube this evening, which had a great segment “What was the first CD you bought”, as it is 25 years since Music CD’s were introduced by Phillips and Sony.

It seems i share the dubious honour of sharing Dire Straits, “Brothers in Arms” as my first purchase with John C. Dvorak.

Maybe I am just becoming a Cranky Geek and should just accept it, the music has dated, but as Dvorak says there is still no better way of showing off your Hifi system.

So share the pain, can you remember the first CD you bought ?

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Primal Scream, “Screamadellica”, which I’m pretty proud of, but Sean; you’ve outcooled me there!

It wasn’t Dire Straits and that’s for sure. Maybe the AGI Conference will see the house band produce a medley of ‘Geek Hits’? Now that would involve a lot of shoe-gazing.

I was working in record stores when I actually purchased by first CD (or got the free promos). I was in highschool, of course. It took me a little while to get over losing vinyl, even at that age. (Mainly due to the tangible goodness of the design package you got with the old vinyl.)

I think my first CD was officially a promo copy of Nine Inch Nails, “Pretty Hate Machine”. That was because my best friend’s uncle was working promotions for TVT, so he handed us each a promo copy months before anyone knew who they were. In the years following, I ended-up playing once in awhile with NIN’s live drummer from the first Lollapolooza tour, Jeff Ward. He’d fill in for my cousin’s drummer constantly, and we’d all get together and jam the night away. Unfortunately, Jeff passed away years ago due to suicide — and life circumstances for me, pulled me further away from the music ‘thing’.

I bought two CD’s the very same day I bought my first CD player, somewhere in mid 1987. They were Dire Straits “Communiqué” which intro heard on digital was amazing, and The Police “Every Breath You Take”. Guess which one I’m still listening to ?

Yep, Brothers in arms. The bookled even had a list with timecodes where you could hear ticks or a bad bit. At this time the CDs were grouped as DDD (digitally recorded, mixed produced) or AAD (analog recorded and mixed, digitally produced).

I’m getting old and I’m happy I grew up in times with real gatherings and without social web 🙂

Queen – News of the World, pretty sure though I have all albums and ordered them with getting the first CD-Player.. Brothers in Arms, especially “Your latest trick” is (among some Queen-songs like Innuendo) though still the preferred &best way to check wether a system is somewhere near “Hifi”..

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