Mac iPlayer .. so the wait begins !

Today the BBC opened up its iPlayer service as a public beta, offering on-demand viewing of the BBC’s excellent programming to users of Microsoft Windows XP. If you don’t have XP, don’t want XP then you have to wait as this is all down to Digital Rights Management, protecting the content you have already paid for as television license payers.


Imagine if you could only watch BBC 1 on Televisions made by Phillips, or only get TV listings from the Daily Mail.

Don’t think this is right.. then sign this Petition.

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Interesting it only got 300 signatures by 3rd July (perhaps nobody knew what it was about) but then it answers Julian’s comment about it being a beta, if there’s a deal then it’s not going to be made available for other platforms in the future.

Simon’s right about putting yourself in a minority community if you choose to be a mac user, but then why should that be the case? It’s precisely these kind of deals that keep feeding the Microsoft machine, and putting Mac (and other) users further into the minority. Trouble is, the general public don’t rebel against it by all going out and buying Macs instead, which only encourages the feeding. And the cycle continues…

Another thought from my 12 yr old. Don’t worry about the iPlayer, it’s all on U Tube anyway.

Out of the mouths of babes – or future customers as we like to call them.

PS. I don’t support a differential approach to development. I am just realistic about the cost of these things. It would be nice to deal with everyone – but to quote Jerry Maguire – “show me the money”.

Well, having tried it – I would say that you’re not missing much! Besides the difficulty I had in downloading and installing the program, a few other issues I’ve learned:

– if you have another Kontiki service installed like 4oD, it won’t work, as they conflict with each other

– even worse, even when the program is completely closed, it continues to download/upload – slowing your internet and will cause you to go over your ISP’s limits

It’ll be coming off my machine pronto.

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