Some fascinating events coming up over the next couple of weeks, which quite well reflect the nature of the GI industry today..

Next week I will be on a panel at the mashup* event which is focusing on Location and the content goes with the title, on the same day I’m at the AGI’s Chorley Day event – a review of the progress or lack of it since the Government published it’s report on the “handling of Geographic Information” 20 year ago, and I’m sure there will be the obvious Sergeant Pepper references !!

For the first time in a number of years I will not be at the ESRI User Conference, read nothing into this other than I’m no longer a ESRI user!! ESRI continue to do great things and are building the tools which are helping to create large parts of the Geoweb. Peter I’m sure you will have a great time experiencing the force at first hand !!

I’m really excited to be delivering the Keynote at the first State of the Map Conference in Manchester next month, Steve Coast and the OpenStreetMap community are getting together for the first time ( amazing what you can do with a virtual community) and discussing the development of open geodata.
The European INSPIRE legislation has the potential to massively increase the amount of Geodata available and the 13th European Commission Workshop on Geographic Information and GIS in Portugal has INSPRE as its central theme.

Interesting times…

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