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Plazes in Google Earth

Despite a few hiccups with the latest Plazer client, I’m sticking with my experiment of using Plazes to track my presence and location. I’m glad I have because, the very interested data behind plazes has now been exposed in the form of a plazes KML file. This is really neat, by logging in you can view your own locations, without logging in, you can view the global plazes database and see a real time feed of the latest plazes registered by users. Credit to Tim at Plazes for a really nice use of KML !!

Plazes in Earth

Like the recent twittermap, in can be almost hypnotic watching the geeks of the world posting their locations, and the experience is all the more interesting in Google Earth.

The plazes KML is available for download at

Written and Submitted from the Google Office, Zurich.

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Hey Google finally caught up with the guys at CarbonTools.
They’ve demo’ed this at GeoWeb 2006 in Vancouver.
Its was called CarbonCloud. The demo was in EchoMyPlace.

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