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iPhone hype – How LBS became mainstream

Great posting at the TUAW detailing the Zaprudering of the iPhone commercials which are running in the states this week. Zaprudering for those not steeped is conspiracy theory is the process of analysing meaning in the detail of a film, and derives from the famous Zapruder film of the JFK assassination.


iPhone hype and excitement is a the level now where any information about the features of the phone is blogged within minutes to an excited world, and where misinformation can cost billions to the investors of Apple.

So it’s interesting that one of the key features demonstrated is the Maps application, powered by Google, and its a great demo of what makes geographic information so valuable.

The user interface of course is great making full use of the gesture support, the application appears fully integrated with the rest of the phones applications, and most important of all for an LBS application, even though the phone is not location aware, the information presented is actionable – the vital ingredient in any LBS application..

Find a restaurant in SF and then call to make the reservation, and as TUAW points out, the restaurant in the commercial is real and is getting many calls because of their instant fame – a pretty good test of data quality.

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

4 replies on “iPhone hype – How LBS became mainstream”

whilst the Iphone and its clones are certainly interesting developements……….I wonder…
The geo technologist may be happy with his Nokia N95 but the geo visionary may only be just starting with his Nokia N800 internet tablet πŸ™‚
Perhaps this is a case of he who can provide the most open platform will prevail.
Over to you Google….

I’m sure it’s just my ignorance, but your use of the word “actionable” keeps making me chuckle.

Until reading your blog I had seen the word used only in its legal context. When I read that something on the iPhone is actionable, my first thought is that Apple is about to get hit with a class action lawsuit!

Yes, but will there be some calls from Maps ?
I think gMaps are great. Looking to see how will maps mobile got integrated with other features such as MyMap, Placemarks, Mapplets πŸ™‚

Why not on iPhone from day one ?

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