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Why its hard to buy a train ticket…

My local station has got some new ticket machines which allow you to purchase tickets using credit cards – wow !!! When they work that is, and now we know why they often don’t.

Windows tickets

Surely a job for embedded Linux ?

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3 replies on “Why its hard to buy a train ticket…”

Tell me about it. These machines really aren’t very stable, I think that I manage to crash the one that I use to buy tickets on an almost weekly basis. The problem with that is that if you’ve put your card in then you have to wait for it to boot up before you can get your card back… not fun when waiting for a train.

And the chip-and pin pad is also awful, you have to bend over double to read the instructions on the screen. Still at least it’s a separate unit so windows doesn’t get too much of a look in.

At Luton they have a machine outside. Quite useful if you are in a hurry, except the touch screen stops working when there is rain. O dear o dear. Brain, designer, engage…

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