Coming to a sad realisation

Apple Ad
By a long way the funniest of the Apple Get-a-Mac campaign videos, “Security” gets all nasty at Vista’s new approach to application level security – Very Funny and a good reminder for my old friends in Southampton to pop along to the new Apple Store which opens on Saturday – Get there early for the T-Shirt !!.

Me, I’m waiting for the Kingston Apple store, quite fancy a job on the genius bar..

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4 replies on “Coming to a sad realisation”

OK I gotta hand it to them… that one is actually really funny.
But nevertheless this kind of marketing makes me sick. All Mac ever talks about is how much Microsoft sucks, and never how cool a Mac is. I’ve come to the conclusion that Macs can’t be cool, has a huge lack of self-esteem and have to pick on everyone else to feel good about themselves. Reminds me of 3rd grade bullies who never made it anywhere when they grew up.

I love these ads. However, my only Mac experience is with two people I work with, both of whom have Macs at home, both of which crashed hard, one after it got a nasty virus (yes, Macs are susceptible too). It took Apple weeks to attempt to repair, then finally replace their notebooks. My Dell laptop overheated several months ago and I had a new one from Dell in 3 days. All computers break, it’s customer service that matters. That being said I hope Apple doesn’t stop making these ads – always entertaining.

The ads a just great fun. All 30 seconds. They also present an interesting viral marketing channel innovation for Apple. From a company that spends literally hundreds of millions on regular media channels this is really quite a nice suprise to see such a series take off and be ‘translated’ by Parson (no relation?) and Naylor for the UK auidence. I’m sure we will see many copies of this and more in the series.

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