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Time magazine and web 2.0

Time magazine coverTime Magazine, the popular choice of travellers at airport bookstores every year publishes it’s Person of the Year special. In the past Time has recognised such figures as Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, The Apollo 8 astronauts, John F. Kennedy, and last year Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates.

This year in an inspired piece of journalism, Time has chosen You (us) the users of the internet who together are exploiting the small contributions of millions of other people and are collectively taking control of the information age. The cover of the magazine has a mylar screen in which you are supposed to see a reflection of yourself – does not quite work but a great idea.

As one would expect there is of course mention youTube, Flickr, wikipedia and the impact of blogging on mainstream journalism – this is all great so see presented to the wide readership of Time magazine, but key to me was the opinion that users were now filling the gaps left my mainstream content providers, and the default position was that such information would be shared with little restriction.

Within the niche that it Geographic Information we are of course beginning to see this happen also, with “free the postcode”, Openstreetmap, platial and of course the impact of Google Earth. There is of course enormous scope for community generated geographical information, after all we are all experts about our neighbourhoods, in many ways we are only beginning to see the potential of this which will develop I’m sure as rapidly in 2007 as it did in 2006.

Written and submitted from the BCS London Office, using its members broadband internet connection.

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Hi Ed

You talk about community generated geospatial information and neighbourhoods – were you aware of the EchoMyPlace trial which has just taken place in the US. It was run by the folks at the CarbonProject. EchoMyPlace is run through CarbonTools/CarbonCload and allows local people to connect and share info about their neighbourhoods on a peer to peer basis.

There is an article about it on the following link –

Yours Aye

Keith Mosley

Folks might be interested to know that the Beta for ((Echo))MyPlace is now available as a free download at

((Echo))MyPlace is a P2P application that lets you share location-based content about your neighborhood and connect directly with friends and neighbors.

With ((Echo))MyPlace you can instantly share geosocial notes, digital photos and maps with others through your own distributed network. There’s no server or web-site involved, the connected computers is all it takes!

You can work on the internet or form your own ad hoc network with ((Echo))MyPlace.

The goal of this beta release of ((Echo))MyPlace is to start exercising the democratic P2P network and get some feedback on how things are working.

Best Regards,

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