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Dave Lovell OBE

Many of you in the UK GI industry will know Dave and will join me in offering congratulations on getting an OBE in the New Years Honours. Dave was once an avid reader of in the early days, I hope you are still enjoying it !!

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Yes, still finding time to keep up-to-date through your webpages although I see I shall now have to find an alternative way of getting views from inside our former employer.

Thanks for your congratulations and for the opportunity of using your website to acknowledge that whilst the honour is personally bestowed I consider it recognition of what my many friends and colleagues at OS achieved with me, for I certainly achieved nothing alone.

I have found my move into the wider European National Mapping community to be both fascinating and rewarding personally and professionally. All of the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies of Europe, and that does include OS, are doing a great deal to bring value and benefits to their respective governments’, commercial enterprise, the European Commission and interested citizens. Regrettably in my view there is insufficient recognition of this but a brief insight can be gained from

Best wishes in your search for a new job. I hope the outcome for you is as enjoyable as the outcome for me when I decided it was time to move on!

Congratulations, Dave!

Continue your excellent professional work in the European NMO community! Insufficient recognition seems to be our pain for too long now! We are so concentrated on our work, that we forget to step in the first row when needed to show everybody who and what we are. You can, and I am sure you will, help in changing this perception.

Ed, this is for you: I join Dave’s wishes in your search for a new job. I am sure you will find a new place to fully exploit your skills and visionary potentials. Look back only at those spatio-temporal points in your life that make you happy and proud, concentrate on good things and open yourself for new possibilities. As Dave does, you may also enjoy in the outcome soon!


Ed/Dave – happy new year best of luck for 2007

Dave congratulations on a well deserved honour!

Dave as I don’t know your e-mail address (presume the OS one does not work anymore), feel free to contact me via the BCS web site if you would be interested in providing a talk to the BCS Geospatial SG – as you say there is a lot happening and I suspect many people (myself included) are not up to date with this

Dave – well done. Little did I realise that when we were doing our trig and levelling course that you would end up at Buckingham Palace – other than observing from the roof.
Ed – first time I’ve read youyr blog. It was good to see you earlier this year. I am really pleased that mapping in its broadest sense is being delivered through expert hands.
As for me, I spend my time trying to educate lawyers about mapping and GIs bods about the law.

Hi David. Just saw your piece on stalag 8b. Thinking it’s you, given I’m not sure how many david lovell OBE’s there are! My dad was at Stalag 8B – one of a few RN there. He never shared with me but think it important to know more. I made a trip a few years ago to Lamsdorf to visit the site of the camp, which I’m sure you know is a museum now. Sad but educating. Sad too was stalag 8F just up the road. Mass grave of 40k soviets. Horrible horrible place. Let me know if you want to chat.

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